The Clark Barker – Issue 12

What Do Pets Do When Kids Go Back To School? School has been in session I believe for about a month, I am not sure as I cannot read a calendar. However, it almost feels like a really long time from when my young human leaves early in the dark morning and comes back homeContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 12”

The Clark Barker – Issue 11

What A Relief! Hello there my canine friends! I took a little break for the summer, but I’m back now! I am surely enjoying this cooler weather we’re having, and I bet that you are too! As much as I love to go outside, those hot temperatures and humidity were crazy. My outside time wasContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 11”

Call for Submissions – Pets Contest

Buchanan Pets Contest! by The Buchanan Chronicle Team ATTENTION KIDS OF BUCHANAN! Right now, The Buchanan Chronicle is having a pet contest on our Facebook Page. As the Berrien County Youth Fair is coming up, some kids may not have the opportunity to have their pets in the spotlight. So, we decided to do somethingContinue reading “Call for Submissions – Pets Contest”

The Clark Barker – Issue 08

Have You Seen the Signs? So, recently some of the downtown Buchanan light poles have new signs on them. They are the “No U Turn” signs. They are located on Front Street between the roads of Redbud Trail and Oak Street. These signs don’t have the typical “U” with the red line through it, theyContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 08”

The Clark Barker – Issue 07

Pet Summer Safety My humans saw an informative Facebook post from The State of Michigan Police Department earlier this month for pet emergency preparedness. You never know when an emergency will happen. This is what they had to say: “Stock up your pet’s emergency preparedness kit with items such as food, medicine and medical records,Continue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 07”

The Clark Barker – Issue 06

Not On My Grass! As you all know, we have many squirrels and bunnies here in Buchanan. Well, I should also say, not just in Buchanan, but all over the world! My other doggie friends would have to agree with me that squirrels and bunnies are our favorite thing to run after whenever we seeContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 06”

The Clark Barker – Issue 05

What a crazy spring this has been, hasn’t it? It didn’t start off bad with some warmer temps, but then Mother Nature took a turn and made me feel colder outside on my walks and playing in the backyard. My owner tells me that the state of Michigan has some crazy springs. And sometimes theContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 05”