Guest Writer – Cute Crochets at Buchanan Farmers’ Market

“Cute Crochets” for Your Little Girls at Buchanan Farmers’ Market Submitted by Aleah Avadarian When little girls come to my stand, their faces glow with excitement. The way their eyes grow so wide, it’s like they’re trying to memorize every last dress and mermaid tail on my table. It makes me want to keep makingContinue reading “Guest Writer – Cute Crochets at Buchanan Farmers’ Market”

Local Opinion – MI Budget

What is the best use of Michigan’s current $20-billion budget surplus? Submitted by Kenneth Peterson Editor,  Governor Whitmer is supporting Michigan families by proposing a budget that will:  Roll back the tax on retirement income for seniors, a tax that was put in place by former Governor Snyder and the Republican-controlled state legislature. This rollbackContinue reading “Local Opinion – MI Budget”

Guest Writer – Winds of Change

by Tracie Crenshaw, Lake Michigan College Creative Writing Student Katie used to tell me I worry too much. Her soft voice, like a ballad, belting out, “Worry won’t fix nothin’.” – using double negatives to teasingly and distractingly get under my skin. Not much phased her. I think back to the first time we met.Continue reading “Guest Writer – Winds of Change”

Local Opinion – Truck Traffic

Semi-truck traffic in Downtown Buchanan Submitted by Steve Raglin Dear Buchanan Chronicle, It’s time for the city to put an end to the semi-truck traffic barreling down Front St. through our historic downtown area.  As I sit in my store a very large semi-truck just bounced by rattling everything within. It’s quite startling at timesContinue reading “Local Opinion – Truck Traffic”

Guest Writer – Poem

by Daniel Stormont, Lake Michigan College Student In The Moment * I’m riding passenger, we go under the stop light on Main  past the gas station where my friend Donny worked as a kid when Jenny asks me if I’m okay, I grit my teeth at the Dollar General thinking this lot used to beContinue reading “Guest Writer – Poem”

Local Opinion – Face Masks Response

Face Masks Response Submitted by Bob White I would like to respond to a letter published in Issue 13 entitled “Local Opinion – Face Masks”.  I hesitate to wade into a political battle but since the author has attempted to cite science to support their position I believe I can offer some perspective. The authorContinue reading “Local Opinion – Face Masks Response”

Local Opinion – Face Masks

Face Masks Submitted with permission from Don Ryman by Stephanie Fain Attached is a copy of my comments to the Buchanan District School Board Monday, September 20, 2021. “The emperor has no clothes! The emperor has no clothes! The mandated masks do absolutely nothing to protect the children who are mandated to wear them. OnlyContinue reading “Local Opinion – Face Masks”

Guest Writer – Poem

by Van Young Sonny Riley (1944) With my two bits allowance in hand, I hurried into Rileys And invested in a Donald Duck comic book and Batman. Laying two dimes on the glass checkout counter, I turned To walk over and climb up on the stool to order a cone. * My skin was almostContinue reading “Guest Writer – Poem”

Bucktown Then and Now – What A Ride! Part II

by Van Young Part Two of What A Ride! Feel free to go back to our 10th issue if you haven’t read Part One of What A Ride! Our little town provided a strong “What to do” menu. Our location near several lakes meant some good fishing, swimming, or just fine sandy beaches. A fewContinue reading “Bucktown Then and Now – What A Ride! Part II”

Local Opinion – Afghanistan

Should We Have Left Afghanistan? Submitted by Kenneth Peterson, MAJ USA (Ret.), Buchanan MI Twenty years ago, the U.S. entered Afghanistan to root out Al Qaeda terrorists and topple the Taliban government for attacks against the U.S. on 9/11.  American troops quickly crushed the Taliban forces who offered an unconditional surrender in Dec 2001, whichContinue reading “Local Opinion – Afghanistan”