Local Opinion – Proposal 3

Opinion on Proposal 3 Submitted by Kenneth Peterson, MAJ USA (Ret.), Buchanan MI Editor,  A “yes” vote on Proposal 3 would introduce a right to women’s reproductive freedom into the Michigan Constitution, invaliding a 1931 male driven abortion ban.  Enforcing the 1931 Michigan ban on abortions would deny Michigan women appropriate, safe, and constitutionally protectedContinue reading “Local Opinion – Proposal 3”

Local Opinion – Proposal 2

Opinion on Proposal 2 Submitted by Kenneth Peterson, MAJ USA (Ret.), Buchanan MI Editor,  Voters have an opportunity in this election to put key voting rights directly in the Michigan Constitution.  Proposal 2 will enhance the fairness and integrity of our elections and protect the ability of every eligible Michigan voter to be heard, regardless of party. Continue reading “Local Opinion – Proposal 2”

Local Opinion – Well Done, President Biden

Well Done, President Biden Submitted by Kenneth Peterson, MAJ USA (Ret.), Buchanan MI Editor,  The Biden administration, working in collaboration with all of the Congressional Democrats and  a small number of Republicans is implementing a variety of new legislation including: improving infrastructure and environment, creating new jobs, protecting Veterans, making gun use safer, reducing healthcareContinue reading “Local Opinion – Well Done, President Biden”

Local Opinion – Music Education in Buchanan Schools

Music Education in Buchanan Community Schools Submitted by Thomas Hoyt Growing up I remember having a music class for all my elementary school grades 1-5. At the end of the 5th grade we were introduced to some band instruments and were able to take band starting in the 6th grade. I was excited to startContinue reading “Local Opinion – Music Education in Buchanan Schools”

Local Opinion – MI Budget

What is the best use of Michigan’s current $20-billion budget surplus? Submitted by Kenneth Peterson Editor,  Governor Whitmer is supporting Michigan families by proposing a budget that will:  Roll back the tax on retirement income for seniors, a tax that was put in place by former Governor Snyder and the Republican-controlled state legislature. This rollbackContinue reading “Local Opinion – MI Budget”

Local Opinion – Truck Traffic

Semi-truck traffic in Downtown Buchanan Submitted by Steve Raglin Dear Buchanan Chronicle, It’s time for the city to put an end to the semi-truck traffic barreling down Front St. through our historic downtown area.  As I sit in my store a very large semi-truck just bounced by rattling everything within. It’s quite startling at timesContinue reading “Local Opinion – Truck Traffic”

Special Word of Thanks – Issue 16

The following is a review The Buchanan Chronicle received on Facebook: “One of the greatest things about Buchanan is the little things that are done. When the band made it to the state finals to Ford Field, the escort out of town was done to recognize these students. This year, I was unable to beContinue reading “Special Word of Thanks – Issue 16”

National Fast Food Day – November 16

My Favorite National Fast Food Joint by Garrick Stubblefield My goodness people there are so many good places to call a good fast food joint. I will tease you with one that I really liked back as a kid and had to sadly find another one and another. I tell you sadly to say itContinue reading “National Fast Food Day – November 16”

Local Opinion – Face Masks Response

Face Masks Response Submitted by Bob White I would like to respond to a letter published in Issue 13 entitled “Local Opinion – Face Masks”.  I hesitate to wade into a political battle but since the author has attempted to cite science to support their position I believe I can offer some perspective. The authorContinue reading “Local Opinion – Face Masks Response”

Local Opinion – Face Masks

Face Masks Submitted with permission from Don Ryman by Stephanie Fain Attached is a copy of my comments to the Buchanan District School Board Monday, September 20, 2021. “The emperor has no clothes! The emperor has no clothes! The mandated masks do absolutely nothing to protect the children who are mandated to wear them. OnlyContinue reading “Local Opinion – Face Masks”