Automotive Tech Tips – Spring

Spring Roads by Thomas Hoyt It’s that time of year when our roads have had their fair share of salting and plowing resulting in those infamous potholes. In Great Britain they drive on the left, while here at home we drive of whatever is left. 🤣 So here are some tips that can help reduceContinue reading “Automotive Tech Tips – Spring”

Automotive Tech Tips – Winter

Winter Safety Tips by Thomas Hoyt It’s wintertime now and we all know this can mean slippery roads and the possibility of being stranded somewhere for sliding off the road. So here’s a few simple things that we can do to be prepared for such an event, just in case. First off, it’s always aContinue reading “Automotive Tech Tips – Winter”

Automotive Tech Tips – Issue 19

Check Engine Light On? by Thomas Hoyt We’ve all had this happen to us at some time or another, the check engine light comes on in our automobile. Well I had a new experience for me a while ago. It was mid-December and as I was on my way home the check engine light startedContinue reading “Automotive Tech Tips – Issue 19”

Tech Tips – Power Protection

Power Protection by Kelly Brown Since we are already deep into Michigan’s Thunderstorm season, I would like to take a minute to remind everyone that surge protectors are a MUST for your electronics. Power surges won’t necessarily cause a power outage so you might not even be aware that one occurred until you find anContinue reading “Tech Tips – Power Protection”

Tech Tips – Issue 04

The Reboot by Kelly Brown We are all aware that usually the best and quickest fix for a misbehaving personal computer (PC) is to reboot it. This is true for other electronics around the house too; laptops, tablets, printers, cell phones, and smart watches and TVs. Simply turning off your device (or shutting them down)Continue reading “Tech Tips – Issue 04”

Tech Tips – Scams Alerts

Scam Alert By Kelly Brown Scams are everywhere these days. They are in our email inboxes, on social media, scam artists are calling our landlines, and also our cell lines. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy! I’ve got some helpful hints and tips to help you avoid falling victim to these criminals. First things first;Continue reading “Tech Tips – Scams Alerts”

Tech Tips – Cleaning Electronics

Spring Clean Those Electronics By Kelly Brown Spring has officially arrived! And if you’re anything like me, you have your list of spring cleaning chores all made up and are ready to start crossing off tasks one by one. Truthfully, I rarely make it through the whole list in any given year. Life just hasContinue reading “Tech Tips – Cleaning Electronics”