Local Business – Chicago Dogs

Local Business – Chicago Dogs by Nik Sanchez Ben and Danna have always had a dream of starting their own food cart or truck. As they retired that dream became true, in 2001 they started the Michigan Concession. It’s a place where you can find classic Chicago style hot dogs and the famous chili dogContinue reading “Local Business – Chicago Dogs”

Local Business – River Saint Joe

Video Tour of River Saint Joe by Stephanie Fain Restaurant Spotlight: River Saint Joe by Stephanie Fain Let’s face it, the word COVID is everywhere, it’s in the newsfeed, it’s in your colleagues’ mouths, it’s in this article, it’s drinking the last of your creamer and borrowing your car without asking. COVID has been crazy.Continue reading “Local Business – River Saint Joe”

Local Business – Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week 2021 Follow-Up by Nik Sanchez Many have flocked to the nicest place in America to experience the town goodies of Buchanan. From the scenery to the restaurants, it is a very lovely town. The restaurants offer a feel-good home vibe, and makes it feel like you are eating grandma’s secret recipe. Buchanan offersContinue reading “Local Business – Restaurant Week”

Local Business – Lehman’s Farmhouse

Restaurant Spotlight: Lehman’s Farmhouse By Jill McDonald A unique dining experience awaits you in Buchanan, Michigan! In the heart of downtown, just a block from Front Street and Redbud Trail, is a one-stop restaurant-brewery-distillery-winery-store-and event center! Serving the local community in downtown Buchanan since April 2017, Lehman’s Farmhouse serves up locally sourced foods on theirContinue reading “Local Business – Lehman’s Farmhouse”

Eating Well Buchanan – Restaurant Week 2021

Buchanan Restaurant Week: March 24-31, 2021 By Nik Sanchez Too many businesses, especially restaurants, have had a tough time staying afloat this year. Many families have had to stay inside, shut out from the world. Well, this year the Buchanan Area of Chamber Commerce is sponsoring a special treat for the people of the BuchananContinue reading “Eating Well Buchanan – Restaurant Week 2021”

Local Business – J.KRU Sweets

J.KRU Sweets: A Sweet Business to Sweeten your Easter Baskets! By Rebecka Hoyt If you have not heard by now, Buchanan has a chocolate company! Jen & Joe Krueger reopened up their in-home licensed kitchen, J.KRU SWEETS on October 15, 2020. They had previously operated under the Cottage Law from 2017-2019. So, what influenced JenContinue reading “Local Business – J.KRU Sweets”