Past Event – Buchanan’s Chili-Walk Cook-Off Photos

14th Annual Chili-Walk Cook-Off Write-Up by Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce This year’s Chili Challenge was held downtown in a progressive fashion with the Lehman’s Farmhouse being the start and endpoint. Thursday, April 7, 2022, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Each contestant was matched up with a local business to showcase both the chiliContinue reading “Past Event – Buchanan’s Chili-Walk Cook-Off Photos”

Community Press Release – Buchanan’s Chili-Walk Cook-Off Returns!

14th Annual Chili-Walk Cook-Off Buchanan, MI – March 29, 2022 The Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Buchanan Meadows Meridian Senior Living is, once again, gearing up for the best chili walk in the area.We are back after missing a year due to Covid-19. Buchanan may be a small town, but when itContinue reading “Community Press Release – Buchanan’s Chili-Walk Cook-Off Returns!”

Local Business – The Sweet Shop

Grand Day for a Sweet Shop by Nik Sanchez A wonderful day for the nicest town in America, Buchanan. The Sweet Shop has been open but they finally did the grand red ribbon cutting on March 11th. They bring new exciting menu options that could ignite the community and offer new tasty treats to try.Continue reading “Local Business – The Sweet Shop”

Local Business – Cameron’s

Restaurant Week – Spotlight on Cameron’s by Miranda Barger In the past, Restaurant Week has become a crucial part of Buchanan — and Berrien County’s — food culture. Diners during Restaurant Week get the experience to try unique dishes and visit new restaurants. Across the city, Restaurant Week features different restaurants that offer a smallerContinue reading “Local Business – Cameron’s”

Community Press Release – BACC Restaurant Week

Buchanan Restaurant Week 2022 Submitted by Nate Babcock, Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce Buchanan, MI – March 01-08, 2022 Patrons at all restaurants need to mention “Restaurant Week” in order to receive the special. The Chamber is giving away a gift basket filled with goodies from participating restaurants.   To enter and have a chance toContinue reading “Community Press Release – BACC Restaurant Week”

Community Press Release – City of Buchanan

City of Buchanan Receives Large Grant Commitments for McCoy’s Creek Trail Extension to River St. Joe Brewery Submitted by Richard Murphy, Community Development Director Buchanan, MI – February 25, 2022 The City of Buchanan announced today that it has received a commitment of approximately $340,000 from the Niles-Buchanan Area Transportation Study (NATS) and the MichiganContinue reading “Community Press Release – City of Buchanan”

Local Business – Union Coffee House

Roasted Flavor and Healthy Eats Await You at Union Coffee House and Cafe by Editor Rebecka Hoyt 11 years ago, in August of 2010, is when Union Coffee House and Cafe opened up at 115 E. Front Street in downtown Buchanan, MI. I was thrilled that I didn’t have to go to another town toContinue reading “Local Business – Union Coffee House”

Local Business – River Saint Joe

Video Tour of River Saint Joe by Stephanie Fain Restaurant Spotlight: River Saint Joe by Stephanie Fain Let’s face it, the word COVID is everywhere, it’s in the newsfeed, it’s in your colleagues’ mouths, it’s in this article, it’s drinking the last of your creamer and borrowing your car without asking. COVID has been crazy.Continue reading “Local Business – River Saint Joe”

Local Business – Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week 2021 Follow-Up by Nik Sanchez Many have flocked to the nicest place in America to experience the town goodies of Buchanan. From the scenery to the restaurants, it is a very lovely town. The restaurants offer a feel-good home vibe, and makes it feel like you are eating grandma’s secret recipe. Buchanan offersContinue reading “Local Business – Restaurant Week”

Local Business – Lehman’s Farmhouse

Restaurant Spotlight: Lehman’s Farmhouse By Jill McDonald A unique dining experience awaits you in Buchanan, Michigan! In the heart of downtown, just a block from Front Street and Redbud Trail, is a one-stop restaurant-brewery-distillery-winery-store-and event center! Serving the local community in downtown Buchanan since April 2017, Lehman’s Farmhouse serves up locally sourced foods on theirContinue reading “Local Business – Lehman’s Farmhouse”