The Clark Barker – Issue 29

Summer Pet Safety Recently I saw a post shared by the Berrien County, MI Facebook Page with some Summer Pet Safety tips I thought I’d pass along to you. Read all about it below: A quick summer reminder with some tips to help protect your four-legged family members from heat exhaustion: DO’s: Provide fresh waterContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 29”

Health Huddle – Spectrum Youth Mental Health Event

Youth Mental Health First Aid – May 26 Berrien County, MI – May 17, 2022 Spectrum Health Lakeland understands youth today are struggling with high levels of emotional distress from the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe our communities need First Aiders (like you) who are equipped to identify, understand and respond to signs and symptoms ofContinue reading “Health Huddle – Spectrum Youth Mental Health Event”

Local Faith – LifePlan Response to Recent Events

LifePlan Response to Recent Events Submitted by Cheri Gamble, LifePlan Outreach Director On Monday night, May 2, 2022 a document was leaked showing that the Supreme Court is planning on overturning the decisions that legalized abortion 50 years ago. This has resulted in strong feelings and renewed debate from both sides of the political aisle.Continue reading “Local Faith – LifePlan Response to Recent Events”

Upcoming Event – Buchanan Township Fire Dept. Benefit Dinner

Benefit Dinner for Safety Officer Kyle Mullen of Buchanan Township Fire Department Who: Buchanan Township Fire Department Where: BTFD 15301 Main St. What: AYCE Spaghetti Dinner Benefit & Raffle When: Saturday, April 16, 2022 from 4-7pm Details: Advanced Tickets $10, At the door $12 Dine in or Take out With the help of Hilltop RestaurantContinue reading “Upcoming Event – Buchanan Township Fire Dept. Benefit Dinner”

Health Huddle – Spice for Life Coaching

Spice for Life Coaching by Madelyn Kitchell Do you want to improve all aspects of your life but don’t exactly know how? This is where a life coach comes into play. You may wonder, What really is a life coach? According to a local life coach, Sabine, they provide general assistance to come up withContinue reading “Health Huddle – Spice for Life Coaching”

Health Huddle – Office of Governor Whitmer

Investing in Mental Health State of Michigan – February 23, 2022 Dear Friend, Mental health is just as important as physical health. That’s why my administration has increased access to physical, behavioral, and children’s health services, funded fourteen community behavioral health clinics, and given direct care workers a raise. These are noteworthy accomplishments – but thereContinue reading “Health Huddle – Office of Governor Whitmer”

Health Huddle – Rare Diseases Day

List of Rare Diseases Among our Buchanan Chronicle Readers by Rebecka & Julie Hoyt, Editor & Photographer Did you know that there is a day set aside for rare diseases? On the last day of February each year, this year is Feb. 28, 2022 all rare diseases are made aware. We put out a callContinue reading “Health Huddle – Rare Diseases Day”

Local Art – Art Education

Art and Child Development by Madelyn Kitchell To keep on with ways art can help improve one’s life, it can greatly improve children’s lives. The main way art can benefit children is developmentally. One thing that children learn through doing art is math concepts and how to use them to create something. Children can useContinue reading “Local Art – Art Education”

Health Huddle – COVID Updates

Spectrum Health Lakeland – COVID-19 Response : Keeping You Informed Berrien County, MI – January 13, 2022 No relief in sight as COVID-19 numbers remain high: Spectrum Health Lakeland continues to hit record numbers in the ongoing COVID-19 surge. We are encountering more hospitalized patients, more ICU patients, more ventilator usage than ever in ourContinue reading “Health Huddle – COVID Updates”

Health & Art – Art Therapy

Art and the New Year by Madelyn Kitchell For the new year, a lot of us create resolutions, and not too many resolutions are ever followed through. One of my current resolutions is to reduce stress. Reducing stress can benefit everyone! You may wonder how this is all tied into art. Many studies have beenContinue reading “Health & Art – Art Therapy”