Health Huddle – Rare Disease Day on February 28

A Special Day for Two Members of the Buchanan Community on Rare Disease Day February, 28, 2023 by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer Did you know there is a day dedicated to rare diseases? On the last day of February, this year being Tuesday, February 28 it was Rare Disease Day. Rare Disease Day isContinue reading “Health Huddle – Rare Disease Day on February 28”

Health Huddle – Spectrum Mental Health Workshop

Spectrum Virtual Mental Health Workshop Berrien County, MI – September 12 2022 Created in response to the community’s stated priority health need of mental health, this introductory workshop will introduce three topics: mental wellness, trauma, and resilience. You will learn commonly used terms and be provided interactive opportunities to explore what these concepts mean toContinue reading “Health Huddle – Spectrum Mental Health Workshop”

Health Huddle – Spectrum Youth Mental Health Event

Youth Mental Health First Aid – May 26 Berrien County, MI – May 17, 2022 Spectrum Health Lakeland understands youth today are struggling with high levels of emotional distress from the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe our communities need First Aiders (like you) who are equipped to identify, understand and respond to signs and symptoms ofContinue reading “Health Huddle – Spectrum Youth Mental Health Event”

Health Huddle – Rare Diseases Day

List of Rare Diseases Among our Buchanan Chronicle Readers by Rebecka & Julie Hoyt, Editor & Photographer Did you know that there is a day set aside for rare diseases? On the last day of February each year, this year is Feb. 28, 2022 all rare diseases are made aware. We put out a callContinue reading “Health Huddle – Rare Diseases Day”

Health Huddle – COVID Updates

Spectrum Health Lakeland – COVID-19 Response : Keeping You Informed Berrien County, MI – January 13, 2022 No relief in sight as COVID-19 numbers remain high: Spectrum Health Lakeland continues to hit record numbers in the ongoing COVID-19 surge. We are encountering more hospitalized patients, more ICU patients, more ventilator usage than ever in ourContinue reading “Health Huddle – COVID Updates”

Health Huddle – Niles Location Ground-Breaking

Spectrum Health Lakeland Breaks Ground on New Medical Campus in Niles Niles, MI – November 22, 2021 Spectrum Health Lakeland began construction on a new integrated care campus, located at 2002 South 11th Street in Niles. The 22,000-square-foot facility will house counseling, pediatric, family medicine, and walk-in-clinic services through Southwestern Medical Clinic, as well asContinue reading “Health Huddle – Niles Location Ground-Breaking”

Health Huddle – Alpha-1 Spotlight

November is Alpha-1 Awareness Month by Rebecka & Julie Hoyt, Editor & Photographer It was 12 years ago during the fall time that our daughter, Julie was diagnosed at 3 weeks of age with Alpha-1 Anti Trypsin Deficiency. You might say, “Say what is that again?” Well, Alpha-1 Anti Trypsin (A1AT), is a protein that’sContinue reading “Health Huddle – Alpha-1 Spotlight”

Health Huddle – COVID Updates

Spectrum Health Lakeland – COVID-19 Response : Keeping You Informed Berrien County, MI – November 11, 2021 COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations continue to rise in Berrien County: For the fifth straight week we’ve seen an increase in our overall COVID-19 inpatient census at Spectrum Health Lakeland hospitals. Currently, Berrien County has a 15.66% positivity rate, whichContinue reading “Health Huddle – COVID Updates”

Health Huddle – Spectrum Health Student Artwork/Essay Contest

“Hidden History” Artwork & Essay Contest for Berrien County High School Students Berrien County, MI – November 16, 2021 Spectrum Health Lakeland is hosting a “Hidden History” contest to spark youth engagement in U.S. history, bring awareness to events that have led to structural racism, and help students identify causes of health inequities. We’re specificallyContinue reading “Health Huddle – Spectrum Health Student Artwork/Essay Contest”

Health Huddle – Juice Plus

Juice Plus Submitted by TraciLee Smith Who sees a Rainbow 🌈 in the sky with all the BeaUty and all the colors and realize that our very plates at every meal should look like a rainbow? Do you eat a rainbow every day for every meal? Lots of laughter on that as very few ofContinue reading “Health Huddle – Juice Plus”