Nature Notes – Affordable Fun in Michigan

Affordable Fun in Michigan by Jill K. McDonald Are you looking for some fun ideas to enjoy the summer? Perhaps you’d like to enjoy time with a friend, a solo afternoon excursion, or an outing with your kids. Are you getting the itch to explore somewhere new, but it needs to be budget-friendly? Well IContinue reading “Nature Notes – Affordable Fun in Michigan”

Nature Notes – Nature Outings

Nature Outings for Mother’s Day Weekend by Jill K. McDonald Are you looking for some fun ideas to enjoy the great outdoors this weekend near Buchanan? Whether you’re seeking some peaceful solo time in nature, looking for a family adventure, or trying to figure out a nice activity to enjoy with your Mom, there areContinue reading “Nature Notes – Nature Outings”

Nature Notes – Spring 2022

First Blooms of Midwest Spring by Jill K. McDonald We’ve turned the calendar page! It’s March 2022! Signs of early spring in Michiana have begun! If you’re itching for warmer weather and the beauty of spring flowers, you needn’t wait any longer. Let me fill you in. Two of my favorite flowers are also twoContinue reading “Nature Notes – Spring 2022”

Nature Notes – Meteorologist Matt Rudkin

Weather Forecaster Goes Freelance by Jill K. McDonald, Writer, and Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer Just before Christmas, some of our team got the chance to have a Google Meet interview with Meteorologist Matt Rudkin. Most of our readers know him as the former Chief Meteorologist at the WSBT 22 TV station in Mishawaka, IN.Continue reading “Nature Notes – Meteorologist Matt Rudkin”

Nature Notes – Osage Orange

Osage Orange by Jill K. McDonald Scattered along roadsides and the edges of fields, large green orbs the size of grapefruits can be observed with a watchful eye. The surface appears interestingly wrinkly and bumpy. They stand out vividly among bare autumn trees, though only the female trees produce fruit. When cut open, the sapContinue reading “Nature Notes – Osage Orange”

Nature Notes – Issue 13

Nature All Around Us by Jill K. McDonald As I sit outside my local coffeehouse, I ponder what topic to write about for my next Nature Notes column. So much beauty surrounds us in the great outdoors, if only we take the time to notice and appreciate it.  Continuing in my pondering, I begin toContinue reading “Nature Notes – Issue 13”

Nature Notes – Autumn 2021

Autumn Is Upon Us by Jill K. McDonald As September rolls along, so too shall autumn soon arrive. On Wednesday, September 22 at 3:20pm EDT (7:20 UTC) the season of autumn 2021 will officially begin in the northern hemisphere. It is on the equinoxes, both that of spring and fall, when the sun crosses the equatorContinue reading “Nature Notes – Autumn 2021”

Nature Notes – Issue 11

Goldenrod Abound by Jill K. McDonald As we’ve turned the page on our calendars into September, I can’t help but notice the changes underway in the great outdoors – all signs are slowly, but surely, pointing toward autumn. It’s kind of funny actually that on September 1st the air was distinctly cooler in the morningContinue reading “Nature Notes – Issue 11”

Nature Notes – Monarch Migration

The Great Monarch Migration is Underway! by Jill K. McDonald As we move into late summer, seasonal changes in nature are underway. As I sit upon my porch typing this article, mornings are definitely becoming cooler more often. The crickets’ peaceful chirping still graces me and birds sing in the trees nearby, as the sunContinue reading “Nature Notes – Monarch Migration”

Nature Notes – Issue 09

Bird Feeder Challenges and Tips by Jill K. McDonald Have you ever put up a bird feeder or two in your yard with hopes to attract a variety of birds? Perhaps you’ve had a few frustrations along the way.  You may have intended to attract certain birds with no luck thus far or perhaps you’veContinue reading “Nature Notes – Issue 09”