Community Press Release – City of Buchanan Spring Announcements

City of Buchanan Spring Announcements – Brush Pick-Up Buchanan, MI – April 04, 2022 Brush & Yard Waste Pick-Up is going on now! The City of Buchanan has resumed Yard Waste and Brush Pick Up April 4 – October 2, 2022. Grass clippings, leaves, hedge trimmings , and/or garden waste must be in 30 gallonContinue reading “Community Press Release – City of Buchanan Spring Announcements”

Community Press Release – City of Buchanan Spring Announcements

City of Buchanan Spring Announcements – Hydrant Flushing and Brush Pick-Up Buchanan, MI – March 31, 2022 HYDRANT FLUSHING – APRIL 5th -7th The City of Buchanan water department will be flushing hydrants APRIL 5th -7th, as part of our regular maintenance process. During and immediately after this process, you may want to avoid doingContinue reading “Community Press Release – City of Buchanan Spring Announcements”

Nature Notes – Spring 2022

First Blooms of Midwest Spring by Jill K. McDonald We’ve turned the calendar page! It’s March 2022! Signs of early spring in Michiana have begun! If you’re itching for warmer weather and the beauty of spring flowers, you needn’t wait any longer. Let me fill you in. Two of my favorite flowers are also twoContinue reading “Nature Notes – Spring 2022”

Community Press Release – City of Buchanan

City of Buchanan Receives Large Grant Commitments for McCoy’s Creek Trail Extension to River St. Joe Brewery Submitted by Richard Murphy, Community Development Director Buchanan, MI – February 25, 2022 The City of Buchanan announced today that it has received a commitment of approximately $340,000 from the Niles-Buchanan Area Transportation Study (NATS) and the MichiganContinue reading “Community Press Release – City of Buchanan”

Chronicle Community – Snow Photos Submitted

Snow Photo Submissions on Facebook by The Buchanan Chronicle Team ❄️❣️SNOW DAY 2! Show us your snow photos and they might get picked to be in our 21st issue this Saturday! Put them in the comments below with your name and city. Snowmen ☃️ creations in the snow ❄️ or designs in the snow thatContinue reading “Chronicle Community – Snow Photos Submitted”

Nature Notes – Meteorologist Matt Rudkin

Weather Forecaster Goes Freelance by Jill K. McDonald, Writer, and Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer Just before Christmas, some of our team got the chance to have a Google Meet interview with Meteorologist Matt Rudkin. Most of our readers know him as the former Chief Meteorologist at the WSBT 22 TV station in Mishawaka, IN.Continue reading “Nature Notes – Meteorologist Matt Rudkin”

Nature Notes – Osage Orange

Osage Orange by Jill K. McDonald Scattered along roadsides and the edges of fields, large green orbs the size of grapefruits can be observed with a watchful eye. The surface appears interestingly wrinkly and bumpy. They stand out vividly among bare autumn trees, though only the female trees produce fruit. When cut open, the sapContinue reading “Nature Notes – Osage Orange”

Past Event – Buchanan Tree Planting

Buchanan Tree Planters Making a Difference While Setting a Record! by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer Buchanan Tree Friends hosted the “ReLeaf Michigan” Saturday, October 16, 2021 from 8:45am – 1pm. A record breaking, statewide of 150 volunteers from an infant being carried on its parents’ backs to kids and adults of all ages showedContinue reading “Past Event – Buchanan Tree Planting”

Homeschooling Spotlight – Current Learning

Homeschooling Learning Spotlight by Editor Rebecka Hoyt with Photos submitted by Ashley Hanson Been learning about the many health benefits of different teas. We have here raspberry leaves, lemon verbena, lemon balm, various mints, goji berries, bee pollen…and not shown the honey….With a side of pistachio baklava. Dried marigolds…collecting seeds for next year Fresh marigolds…goingContinue reading “Homeschooling Spotlight – Current Learning”