The Clark Barker – Issue 03

Pups at Play! by The Candid Canid It is finally warm out and I have been at the dog park, woof-woof! Please tell me that you have heard of the Buchanan Field of Dreams Dog Park. If not, you need to take a walk with your furry friend, or make the short drive. It’s notContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 03”

Nature Notes – Issue 03

April Celebrations : 4/22 Earth Day & 4/30 Arbor Day by Jill McDonald Happy Earth Month! The month of April is full of celebrations to pause and appreciate the earth, as it seems to come alive with warming weather! Let’s explore two well-noted holidays, Earth Day and Arbor Day! Next week on April 22 isContinue reading “Nature Notes – Issue 03”

Nature Notes – McCoy’s Creek Trail

McCoy’s Creek Trail by Jill McDonald As the weather is warming and you’re getting the itch to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, you need not go far to enjoy a wonderful trail system. Buchanan, Michigan is home to McCoy’s Creek Trail! Peacefully winding through forests with babbling streams, graced with the beauty ofContinue reading “Nature Notes – McCoy’s Creek Trail”

The Clark Barker – Issue 02

Spring Walk Trash Talk! Don’t be a litterbug I say! I have enjoyed nice, warm, long walks since spring has started! There are little flowers sprouting up and blooming, so the view is getting better compared to little twigs, and brown grass that is turning green. Nose down into all the smells, I’ve noticed quiteContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 02”

Nature Notes – Issue 02

Flying Jewels Soon to Arrive By Jill McDonald With their iridescent glow, as the sunlight beautifully reflects off their delicate soft-feathered body, these tiny creatures are a sight to behold! Moving at speeds of 25 mph or more, and normally beating its wings around 75 times per second, the ruby throated hummingbird is a tinyContinue reading “Nature Notes – Issue 02”

Nature Notes – Spring 2021

Spring is Upon Us! By Jill McDonald At last the season of spring has sprung! According to, spring officially began today, March 20th at 5:37am EDT! According to astronomers, the seasonal dates on our calendars are based on the position of the Earth in relation to the sun. These dates therefore fluctuate slightly eachContinue reading “Nature Notes – Spring 2021”

The Clark Barker – Issue 01

Out for Walks! Hi friends! I’ve been adopted and am loving it at The Buchanan Chronicle! While here I’ll still be bringing you my friendly, neighborly tips in each issue. Spring is here and temperatures are getting warmer, woof-woof! People are out walking more and I have some tips that my walking partners want toContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 01”

Buchanan Community Schools – Tapping Trees

Maple Syrup – A School and Family Tradition By Rebecka Hoyt Every school year the Buchanan 4th graders and the virtual learning students get to tap the sugar maple trees at Life Action Camp in Buchanan, MI. They use special hand held tools to drill a little hole into the tree then hang a metalContinue reading “Buchanan Community Schools – Tapping Trees”