Local Business – Loveland Farms Environmentally Verified by MAEAP

40 Acres Environmentally Verified at Loveland Farms by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor Loveland Farms, owned by Tim and Alicia Baron have 40 acres “Environmentally Verified” by the MAEAP (Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program https://maeap.org/). Their farm consists of flowers, grapes, vegetables and fruit trees. In May, the daffodils and tulips sprung up and then more willContinue reading “Local Business – Loveland Farms Environmentally Verified by MAEAP”

Past Event – BACC PERC Breakfast with LiveBuchanan

Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce and LiveBuchanan Hosted PERC Breakfast at Roti Roti Art Center by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer Friday, May 12, 2023 The Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce had their PERC Breakfast at the Roti Roti Art Center of Buchanan for members of the community to hear about LiveBuchanan and their currentContinue reading “Past Event – BACC PERC Breakfast with LiveBuchanan”

Local Arts – Confectionery Clay at 29th Art Attack

Confectionery Clay at 29th Annual Art Attack Held in Harbor Country by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer Recently I learned about Art Attack from a Buchanan baker, Darya Lemay with her new business Confectionery Clay that is held in Harbor Country on the west side of Berrien County. On April 28 – 30th, all wereContinue reading “Local Arts – Confectionery Clay at 29th Art Attack”

BCS School Spotlight – Moccasin Elementary May 2023

Moccasin May Update Submitted by Moccasin Elementary School Principal Michael Babcock MSTEP Update We want to thank our students for their awesome effort and parents for your continuous support. We also want to thank our teachers for keeping the students focused and prepared. Finally, one more thank you to the 2nd grade students and teachersContinue reading “BCS School Spotlight – Moccasin Elementary May 2023”

Community Press Release – Local McDonalds Raise $35k for RMHC Program

Local McDonald’s Customers Raise $35k through ‘Round Up’ for Ronald McDonald House Charities Submitted by Spencer Wheelock Edwardsburg, MI ~ May 9, 2023 Customers at three South Bend-area McDonald’s restaurants have helped raise more than $35,000 to support Ronald McDonald House Charities of Michiana through the ‘Round-Up for RMHC’ program so far in 2023. ThisContinue reading “Community Press Release – Local McDonalds Raise $35k for RMHC Program”

Local Faith – BAMA Meeting May 2023

May BAMA Monthly Meeting Recap Submitted by Nate Babcock, Buchanan Christian Church Pastor Last Tuesday we had a good meeting at St. Anthony.  We thank Father Leo and Patti Mitchell for their hospitality!  Those present were: Kevin Haislip, Bill Walters, Brendan Shea, Rachel Ernsperger, Dave Mitchell, Jann Mitchell, David Habicht, Dan Barz, Father Leo, PattiContinue reading “Local Faith – BAMA Meeting May 2023”

Remembering – Issue 52

Remembering – Issue 52 Buchanan Losses • 05/02 – 05/09 Name Age Born Died Eugene “Gene” R. Layman 94 June 27, 1928 May 9, 2023 Patricia Jeffery 92 May 15, 1930 May 8, 2023 Ronald “Gene” Eugene Waldo 64 August 12, 1958 May 8, 2023 Deborah “Debbie” Lynn Naragon 61 January 28, 1962 May 5,Continue reading “Remembering – Issue 52”

A Note from the Editor – Issue 52

A Note from the Editor – Issue 52 by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor Happy Saturday everyone or if it is not Saturday while you are reading this issue I hope you are having a great day! It’s been a beautiful past week and I hope to get some flowers in my yard soon! Did anyone happenContinue reading “A Note from the Editor – Issue 52”

Now That’s Funny! – Issue 52

Now That’s Funny! – Issue 52 by Thomas Hoyt, Writer So I went golfing the other day with the family and we had a good time. Usually while playing golf one like myself can expect to lose a golf ball or break a golf tee. What happened to me was unexpected and well, funny! 🤣🤣Continue reading “Now That’s Funny! – Issue 52”

The Clark Barker – Issue 52

Spring Grasses What a crazy spring this has been, hasn’t it? My owner tells me that the state of Michigan has some wild weather in the springtime – and sometimes the weather just can’t make up its mind! With the recent rain, my human and their neighbors have been mowing their yards. I just loveContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 52”