BCS Spotlight – Moccasin

It’s Maple Syrup Time in Buchanan! by Dr. Michael Dunn, Moccasin Elementary School Principal It’s maple syrup time in Buchanan!  The maple syrup project has been a long-standing activity for fourth grade students in Buchanan Schools.  Each year, students get to have a hands-on experience with making maple syrup.  This year, students began tapping treesContinue reading “BCS Spotlight – Moccasin”

Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda • February 22 2022

Submitted by Michelle Munyon, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, Buchanan Community Schools Please note that the Board of Education Meeting Agenda is posted below. At the end of the agenda, click on the link to take you to more detailed minutes of the meeting. Also, the meeting minutes will not be published in eachContinue reading “Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda • February 22 2022”

Puzzler Page – Issue 22

by Garrick Stubblefield Hi all, my name is Garrick Stubblefield and I live here in Buchanan. I joined the military right out of school. Recently, I was asked to join The Buchanan Chronicle by sports writer Nik Sanchez. I will be doing an array of, not only puzzles, but I will be doing sports andContinue reading “Puzzler Page – Issue 22”

Community Press Release – Redbud Hardware & J.KRU Sweets

Redbud Hardware Transitions to New Ownership Written by Stacey Martin, Blogger and Podcast Host of The Folks Back Home Buchanan, MI – February 06, 2022 Read the Original Blogpost HERE According to Dave and Tracy Dippo, “Every small town needs a good hardware store.” This belief was the driving force behind their decision twenty yearsContinue reading “Community Press Release – Redbud Hardware & J.KRU Sweets”

Health Huddle – Rare Diseases Day

List of Rare Diseases Among our Buchanan Chronicle Readers by Rebecka & Julie Hoyt, Editor & Photographer Did you know that there is a day set aside for rare diseases? On the last day of February each year, this year is Feb. 28, 2022 all rare diseases are made aware. We put out a callContinue reading “Health Huddle – Rare Diseases Day”

BCS Sports – Battle of the Fans 2022

The Herd in Battle of the Fans 2022 by Thomas Hoyt, Writer & Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer BOTF is something that wasn’t around when I was in high school. If it does anything, it should at least draw students together to cheer on the athletes of their school. Buchanan has The Herd, which isContinue reading “BCS Sports – Battle of the Fans 2022”

BCS Sports – High School Scores

Wrestling Scores by Mark Frey, BCS Athletic Director Final Scores For February 10, 2022: Buchanan 54, Berrien Springs 21 (Semi-Final) Dowagiac 46, Buchanan 33 (Championship) BCS CONFERENCE RESULTS VARSITY WRESTLING 2021-2022: TEAM SCORES:1 Buchanan 1372 South Haven 1283 Brandywine 127.54 Eau Claire 915 Berrien Springs 686 Lawrence 477 River Valley 14 FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS:1. BuchananContinue reading “BCS Sports – High School Scores”

The Clark Barker – Issue 22

Love is in the Air Ahh, can you feel the love in the air? Some of Buchanan businesses are decked out in red and pink colors as they show the love with Valentine’s Day approaching. My humans and I went on a walk not too long ago and I guess for some reason, they wantedContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 22”

Buchanan Community Schools – February News

BCS February News by Patricia L. Robinson, BCS Superintendent February 2022 Dear Buck Families, Parent Advisory Committee Our Parent Advisory Committee met in December and again in January. Each year we invite parents to join the group. The purpose of the Parent Advisory Committee is to : To stimulate meaningful dialogue between community stakeholders, districtContinue reading “Buchanan Community Schools – February News”

Now That’s Funny! – Issue 22

by Thomas Hoyt It’s winter. The time of year when it gets below freezing outside and snows. Sometimes you must dress for the below freezing temperatures and go outside to clear the snow out of your driveway. You either do this with a snow shovel or a snow blower. I’m thankful that I do haveContinue reading “Now That’s Funny! – Issue 22”