Eating Well Buchanan – Restaurant Week 2021

Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring Restaurant Week in Buchanan, March 24-31 2021, Image provided by BACC

Buchanan Restaurant Week: March 24-31, 2021

By Nik Sanchez

Too many businesses, especially restaurants, have had a tough time staying afloat this year. Many families have had to stay inside, shut out from the world. Well, this year the Buchanan Area of Chamber Commerce is sponsoring a special treat for the people of the Buchanan community, it’s Restaurant Week!

Many restaurants here in town are participating with items that are not regularly on the menu, some would say they have switched to a spring-vibe menu.

Union Coffee House is a perfect example of this. They have integrated a honey bee latte, a rose honey matcha latte, an asparagus cream soup that should keep you warm during bi-polar March. Union Coffee House has also brought back the famous black bean and avocado plate which just sings springtime. They are located on Front St. in the downtown area, please check info below for further details.

McCoy Creek Tavern is a great family environment, even though it is a bar they do cater to families as well; they are offering taco Tuesdays for the event, a well-known favorite for all. They are also offering wing night on Wednesday and Saturday as well as a fish fry special on Friday to cap off the event. They offer large portions so come hungry and bring the family. They are also located on Front St. across from the library, please check info below for further details.

River St. Joe is located on the outskirts of Buchanan, but it is worth the journey. A brewery located on a farm utilizes fresh ingredients and makes farm-to-table possible. You can enjoy seating inside or enjoy a table out in the fields where you can soak up the fresh air and bask in the sun, you know your body craves outdoor time. They are offering a Dutch Pear Sausage dinner for Restaurant Week, made with fresh ingredients from farms around town.

Here I have just listed three participating restaurants, please use the info below as a guide to try out all the other specials through Restaurant Week. Restaurant Week kicks off March 24th and goes until March 31st right here in the Nicest Place in America, Buchanan MI.

Scroll down for full list of all participating restaurants and their information.

Participating Restaurants Info Sheet, March 24-31 2021

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